Sunday, 23 February 2014

This blog being  written right now at 7:02 am on 24th February 2014 is for the sole purpose of winning the Blogger Event of Hangout'14 organised by the author's  very dear SRM University's Google Students Club.

The author of this blog is Mr.Mubeen Mohammed Ali currently pursuing his 6th semester in the over-rated Bachelor of technology branch called 'Mechanical Engineering' and who has an SRM University ID number hanging around his neck all the time reading '1021110400'.He finished his schooling from the tiny little state of Qatar in 2011 and finally realised 'I have lived enough in this little Qatar ,now its time for me to go to my adventurous Homeland and learn to live there too ! '.That decision changed the author's perspective about "life" upside down.

Author was a not so 'social' geek ,who like every other geek was a gamer,loved reading pretty much anything fascinating,was a Java programmer as he was an Information Practise's(IP) student in his 11th & 12th grade and above all loved his friend's like his own brother's as he is the only boy in his family, in between his two sister's.He is 22 and still in 3rd year as he dropped a year.

As the author ventured into his homeland 'India' to study Mechanical Engineering in  India's No.1 Private Multi-stream University  'SRM University', as claimed by ZEE Networks survey.He was full of enthusiasm and energy to prove his place in a country were the motto for survival is "Survival of the fittest Human or  Social animal',a fact which took him 2.5 years to realize and due to the grace of his lord he is finally learning to compete in this crazy country filled with 1 billion plus population.

Now coming back to the the very topic of this blog 'How google helps to ease the author's frustrations'.Not a day goes by in the author's life were he does not search anything in google search or 'google anything ' to be precise.Google has become a part of his life !
He was very frustrated & publicly humiliated when he was too naive and stupid enough to go and try to rag a  fellow senior  22 year lady ,whom he later apologized  & regreted keeping a grudge against her &  after 2.5 years for his stupidity ,he thanked her for humiliating him, in public infront of his friends.If not for 'GOOGLE SEARCH ',he would have been so depressed due to this humiliation.But hey ,thanks to google ,due to which he googled 'How To Save a Life ' by The Fray and calmed his very short tempered mind that he deserved that humiliation to learn that 'one should always be polite and respectful when you approach a lady'.

Author uses Samsung Galaxy Ace running a custom rom of  GooGle's android based on the famous Cynogen Mod called 'Touchwiz5.0-v3.1-lite Sky_Walker Studios',and this rom make's his 800 mhz processor feel like its running at 1 Ghz+ .He is finally bored of his very dear Galaxy who has been his loyal companion for all the 3 years he has spent in SRM University and has decided his next mobile phone is Google's very own current flagship phone' Nexus 5' ,manufactured by LG.So thank you 'No.2' to GOOGLE ,for developing an amazing open source platform called 'Android'.

He has been an active member of Youtube and did upload some video's back in 2008 when he had a lot of time to do what ever he liked .He was bewildered when after 5 years he saw the view count for one of his video's was 3 million + and still counting & currently  planning to include 'GOOGLE Adsence' in these very own videos of his ,just to see if some money can fill his wallet due to the hard work he did to edit the video's 5 year's before.

Gmail by Google has been his constant companion ever since he set foot in the virtual unrealistic world called 'INTERNET'.It has been his  personal postman who delivered his provisional admission letter from SRM University when he magically met, SRM's criteria of 60% in PCM(Physics,Chemistry and Mathematic) ,for Non-Resident(NRI) citizen's of India.

Author used google translate to learn German language ,as it was his foreign language that he selected in his 3rd semester as a foreign language elective.Google Translate if used wisely enough, can actually help you to learn a language , say ,may be within 3 month time !
Google drive helps us store our important files in a secure storage space and at the same time it is also integrated with all the google services such as gmail,blogger,documents,adsense,youtube etc.

So the author hope's he has proved that with the above line's, that Google is changing the way we Social Animal's live,think and perceive our own world .So Google and its products will definitely play a great role in the change, that will transform the phase of people's live's forever !